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Powering every seed with seed treatment technology

Seed treatment technology covers application of chemical, biological, or physical treatments to the seed before planting.

It aims to improve crop yields and protect plants from pests, diseases, and environmental stresses.

With proper application and right dose recommendation, it can help increase the efficiency of crop inputs.

Application of seed treatment can also improve seedling establishment and promote early plant growth, leading to higher yields and better crop quality.

By protecting the seed from pathogens, insect pests, and environmental stresses, seed treatment can improve germination rates and seedling vigor leading better crop stand and ultimately achieving higher yields.

There is a growing trend towards biological seed treatments that use naturally occurring microorganisms to protect the seed from pathogens and pests.

In terms of availability of the technology, seed treatment technology is becoming more accessible to small-scale farmers in developing countries, allowing them to benefit from improved yields and reduced crop losses.

Download the  reference material: Seed Coating Delivery Systems for Enhancing Seed and Crop Performance

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