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Why Exhibit

After a two-year hiatus, both domestic and foreign exhibitors have swiftly returned. 1,775 companies including Industry leaders from around the world have gathered in the eight major exhibition areas of CAC, resulting in a record-breaking exhibition area of 102,000 square meters, making this year's event even larger in scale.

Overseas Pavilion has experienced a robust recovery, with 151 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Russia,South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland,the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Among them, South Korea and India have organized national pavilions for showcasing and exchanging experiences. Compared with the previous edition, the number of exhibitors and exhibition space of CAC2023 have increased by 18% and 20% respectively.

Over the three-day event, 1,775 exhibiting companies and 33,137 industry professionals from 112 countries and regionswith an attendance of 62,717 have participated for business negotiations and discussions. This event truly serves as the annual gathering of global agrochemical professionals, providing a long-awaited opportunity for face-to-face exchanges among industry peers worldwide and further enhancing the cohesion with in the global agrochemical community.

Gather 1,775 exhibitors from the upstream and downstream of the industry in Shanghai

Benefit from world largest agrochem platform to

Build brand awareness

 Generate new sales leads and network

Educate buyers, demonstrate products

Launch or promote new products

Conduct market research and meet the buyers face-to-face

Source new agents, distributors, importers or exporters

Upgrade awareness of company or existing products

Increase sales to current buyers

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