1. 参评对象:CAC2018参展企业,CAC历届参展企业;

2. 评审:“CAC2018推荐供应商”,采取百分制评审,由CAC海外观众投票和CAC专家组评审两部分组成;

        (1) CAC海内外观众投票,满分60分,以观众投票多少,评出入围企业,所得票数按40分等比例折算计入总分,投票截止时间2018年2月20日;


3. 评选结果发布


The Selection of CAC 2018 Recommended Suppliers

The five selection of CAC Award was held successfully during CAC2018, and it was actively responded by the vast exhibitors, 30 participating enterprises won the CAC2018 Recommended Suppliers of four CAC AWARDS, causing a great sensation in the industry. Base on that, the Organizing Committee of CAC 2018 will launch a selection of CAC2018 Recommended Suppliers. Through this selection campaign, enterprises will stand out among many exhibitors, get more attention from potential customers, and improve their industry visibility and influence. Besides, this campaign will help purchasers find out the most excellent and appropriate suppliers in the first place. The details of this selection is as following:

1. Participating Objects:Exhibitors of CAC 2018, Exhibitors attended in CAC before.

2. Appraisal: This selection adopts a point test, of which the full mark is 100 points. The whole selection consists of two parts as follows:

        (1) Voting by CAC visitors in China and abroad, with a full mark of 60 points. The scoring result is based on the proportional translation of the number of votes received from the visitors. The deadline for voting by the visitors is Feb.20, 2018

        (2) Selection by CAC expert group, with a full mark of 40 points. The review by the expert group will be carried out before Jan.28, 2018.

3. Selection Result:

        The final selection result will be ceremoniously released worldwide on Opening Banquet of CAC 2018 to be held on the evening of Feb.28, 2018. All selected enterprises will be awarded certificates of honor of “CAC2018 Recommended Supplier”.

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